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R.E+ oder R.X+ federweg issue

Hello all! Hope it's OK to write in English (answers in German no problem!)

I'm heavily considering a Rotwild + bike for my all-mountain/Enduro adventures.
After some looking around I noticed that some have put a (up to) 160mm fork on the RX. I'm still in doubt between the RE and the RX (both in +) so now i'd like to know if with the R.X+ 2018 it is possible to put a 160mm fork in (or alternatively a 150mm) and what would be the consequence for Head angle and bracket height?
Reason I ask is that general geometry of RX is a tad better for me (XL) and if possible would make the RX more all-round for me!

Hope to hear some clarifications! Thanks!


vom 30.12.2017 14:59
Hello MarsMarx,

" now i'd like to know if with the R.E+ 2018 it is possible to put a 160mm fork in"

As far as i can see from the technical specifications the each Type of the 2018 RE+ have an 160mm Fork.

And just my 2 cents to the RE+, which i have by myself. For me it is an absolute best all-round Bike i ever had :-)


vom 31.12.2017 08:30
Sorry, slip of the keyboard, I off course meant if it it possible to put a 160mm in the RX! (edited in the OP ;-)
Good to hear the RE is still pretty allround!


vom 31.12.2017 11:58 Aktualisiert am 31.12.2017 13:53
Try it yourself. SInce the 2016 model the Fox 34 FLOAT 27,5 can be adjusted internally up to 160 mm travel.

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