Collaboration vom 08.01.2016 22:34 Aktualisiert am 31.01.2016 09:23

Candy Series

Most riders like difference color combination =) this time i design 2 diffrent color combination. I hope u will like this, this is not only girl rider =) I like this color combination ı beleive u will like to =)

THX for commet and your time..


vom 31.01.2016 09:18
I am pretty confused about this design; pink and a bike... But I salute you for your exceptionally good looking design; still I prefer the arrow series to be won, but If this wins; I will look for road bikes to have the second frames colour.... Gratz...


vom 31.01.2016 09:23
Thx guys, ım so happy for your commet.. This is the last day of design event =) ı hope they will choise me.. thx

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